Air Balloon Sports 2008 |
The balloon flight experience begins with arrival Highway 141 & 44 or Telegraph & 255. We will take you to one of our 60 launch locations depending on weather. A dew-fresh dawn or perhaps dusk, the sun rising or dipping on the horizon, provides the background for your introduction to pilot, passengers and crew.

A formal safety briefing, a murmur from an audience of fascinated onlookers and the intriguing task of balloon inflation begins as slowly the vast Air Balloon Sports envelope fills and takes shape, to stand eight stories high.

You might want to get involved, you might want to help steady and hold the balloon down as she strains to fly; lots of our passengers do, it's up to you.

A while later and a few blasts on the burners will lift you, as silently, majestically you climb beyond the treetops and then higher still.

You might pick a leaf or two from slender upper branches as your pilot skillfully allows them to brush the basket.

Now you're on your way, you're airborne and for an hour or so, you'll fly wherever the winds take you. Quietly you'll view your world a little differently, in a way that you will never forget.

Following you on the ground will be the Air Balloon Sports chase crew, scheduled to rendezvous with you at the pilot's chosen landing site, where you'll enjoy a traditional Champagne toast.

Once driven back to the original launch site some three to four hours later, you will be presented with your commemorative flight certificate, signed by both pilot and your crew chief, ensuring your dream will never fade.